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I absolutely love Obedience & Sports Academy and would highly recommend it to anyone who has a dog. Owner Donna Zaj helped me train my unruly puppy, Rufus, who is now an obedient and well-mannered dog. I've learned so much from her! Donna taught me fun exercises to do at home with Rufus to reinforce his good behavior. Once he completed his obedience training I enrolled him in an agility class at Obedience & Sports Academy and it's been a blast! The agility training has strengthened Rufus's obedience skills, helped him gain confidence and learn social skills, and it's a fun activity for me, too. Whether you're looking to train a pup or are looking for a fun activity to do with your dog, Obedience & Sports Academy is the place!

<![CDATA[Christine Frank Testimonial]]>Sat, 07 Nov 2015 20:17:42 GMThttp://dogzonemi.com/testimonials/christine-frank-testimonialPicture
I have enjoyed my relationship with Donna Zaj at The Obedience & Sports Academy. I have been doing agility classes at O.S.A. for nearly 5 years. Donna has been very professional, very helpful and very supportive. My students and I are very lucky to have this lovely facility to train in. 
Christine Frank
AKC National Agility Champion
International World Team Member
Multiple American and Canadian Championships
Over 24 MACH Championships on multiple breeds

<![CDATA[Erica M. Stark Testimonial]]>Thu, 05 Nov 2015 15:49:30 GMThttp://dogzonemi.com/testimonials/erica-m-stark-testimonialPicture
I have been taking Canine Core Fitness classes at The Obedience & Sports Academy ever since they were first offered with my service dog, Cooley. I am SO grateful that I started taking them. 

It has made a huge difference for Cooley, who just turned 10 on July 1, 2015. At his recent veterinary visit, his vet was amazed at the physical shape his is in for his age. Since he is a service dog, as well as an active canine athlete who competes in traditional obedience, rally obedience and Treibball, as well as, doing agility for fun and confidence, I am interested in doing all that I can to keep him fit for work and play.  

I have found that answer with the Canine Core Fitness classes offered through OSA's certified instructors. I love the way the classes were structured to start with introducing the dog to the equipment that is utilized. Instruction given to me to warm him up and cool him down properly, as well as stretching and rubdown exercises to help maximize benefits. Instructors move dogs and their handlers along as the discover the need for more challenge and safety is always kept first and paramount with dogs wearing proper safety equipment. 

Classes are kept small (10 dog limit), to allow for one on one instruction as needed and instructors are always available for questions should they arise during sessions or while additional work is being done at home. 

I can't say enough about what the classes have done for Cooley. Not only has it kept him from developing any signs of arthritis as of yet, it has also helped his confidence to be able to continue working and meeting challenges offered during work and play. He had suffered a shoulder injury prior to starting classes, has not had any sort of physical injury since and I credit core fitness for aiding in healing and further prevention. 

Cooley LOVES doing the core fitness exercises and looks forward to doing them both in class and at home. He can't wait when the equipment is out and has to date looked forward to each new challenge. I love watching him work and stay in shape. I have been able to keep his weight in check easier as well with core fitness help. 

I am grateful to have found The Obedience & Sports Academy and to heave tried the core fitness because it will keep him able to continue helping me on a daily basis longer, which is beneficial to us both. 

Erica M. Stark

<![CDATA[Laurie B. Glied Testimonial]]>Wed, 04 Nov 2015 19:33:50 GMThttp://dogzonemi.com/testimonials/laurie-b-glied-testimonialPicture
So thankful to Donna and Kristin for The Obedience & Sports Academy. A great place to train and show. Everyone is very knowledgeable with various methods to train different breeds, as they don't always learn the same way. 

<![CDATA[Michelle O'Neill Testimonial]]>Wed, 04 Nov 2015 17:51:22 GMThttp://dogzonemi.com/testimonials/michelle-oneill-testimonialPicture
The Obedience & Sports Academy is the premier training facility in Macomb County.

I am a dog trainer in Oakland County and I chose to take my puppy to OSA because of Donna's knowledge and understanding of how to train dogs in a positive manner and atmosphere. Kristin, one of the other obedience instructors, is just as skilled of a trainer as Donna. She raises the bar and challenges you to the highest skill level possible for you and your dog. 

Dog training is not a one size fits all and at The Obedience & Sports Academy they really understand that. 

<![CDATA[Kris Olson Testimonial]]>Tue, 03 Nov 2015 23:11:34 GMThttp://dogzonemi.com/testimonials/kris-olson-testimonialPicture
The Obedience & Sports Academy and Donna Zaj helped me change my 6 month old rescue...he had a few owners before me...possibly abuse. Had separate anxiety but he is 10 now and the best dog ever! I learned so much from Donna J. Zaj!

<![CDATA[Nicole McMillan Testimonial]]>Tue, 03 Nov 2015 13:50:18 GMThttp://dogzonemi.com/testimonials/nicole-mcmillan-testimonialPicture
We, my Standard Poodle Chaos and I, have had the opportunity to participate in agility classes at The Obedience & Sports Academy. Not only is this a beautiful, clean, safe and up to date facility, the trainers have a plethora of knowledge and patience for every question we've thrown at them. We have received fantastic training which is broken down to each handler and dogs needs. 

I, as a dog enthusiast and groomer for 25 years, could not ask for a better facility and trainer. I would recommend them whole heartedly. 

<![CDATA[The following is a Macomb Daily article that is being used with premission.]]>Sat, 06 Jul 2013 15:34:49 GMThttp://dogzonemi.com/testimonials/the-following-is-a-macomb-daily-article-that-is-being-used-with-premissionJunior handler takes dog sport world by storm Picture
A 12-year-old girl from Eastpointe has taken by storm the world of competing in dog sports as a junior handler.

Hunter Poli-Zaj, who will be in the seventh grade at Warren Woods Middle School this fall, has been competing for about four years and in that time has completed the requirements for 18 titles and three championships with her 7-year-old elkhound shepherd mix, Kharma.

A request to give Kharma a showing in obedience competition at a Canine Works and Games trial in Illinois, where her mom, Donna Zaj was competing, has turned into fun and games, accomplishments and ribbons galore. It's fun to spend time with Kharma in so many different sports, said Hunter. She has competed in two different venues, Canine Works and Games (C-WAGS) and Canines and Humans United (CHU), and prefers CHU because of all the sports available. Currently she shows Kharma most in flygility, treibball and rally. The accomplishment that instills the greatest pride is being the first junior handler to have a title in treibball, a relatively new dog sport in the United States, where dogs bring exercise balls back to their handler who is at the net, from a distance of at least 20 feet away. The sport was brought over from Germany. They are also the first junior handler team to title and earn a bronze championship in flygility. Flygility is a combination of flyball and agility where a dog negotiates a series of jumps and agility equipment to get to a box, where they release a tennis ball that must be brought back to the handler through the equipment. The first step toward achieving these goals began with establishing trust between Hunter and Kharma, given Hunters youth as a handler. Dogs have to learn to trust kids, because they are seen as littermates, not leaders, said Donna Zaj. Training time of at least couple hours a week is done at Dog Zone Training and Activity Center, 35320 Forton Court in Clinton Township, which iw owned by Donna Zaj, who serves as the facilitys master trainer. Dog Zone is the only facility in the southeast Michigan area that offers flygiity and treibball classes and competitions. Hunter sees herself following in her mothers footsteps and becoming a dog trainer in both the traditional and dog sporting venues. Her mother has most enjoyed seeing Hunter gain confidence as a handler and hopes she will continue to keep achieving firsts as a junior handler. 

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